Your Guide to Chest Exercises

The website is filled with useful information that will help you get the most out of the chest exercises you use when working out.

40+ Chest Exercises

Chest Exercises

You'll find in this website information on more than 40 different chest exercises.

These chest exercises are organized by the equipment primarily used and are accessible using the left menu.

You'll find detailed illustrations as well as tips and comments for every chest exercise proposed.

Chest Workout Routines

Chest Workout Routines

Use this website to consult workout routines for the chest. These workout routines will target every corner of your pectoral muscles to ensure a larger and stronger chest.

As with the rest of this website the workout routines are grouped by the equipment they primarily use.

Muscles Targeted by Chest Exercises

Advantages of Chest Exercises

The chest is comprised of the pectoral muscle group. Pectoral muscles are divided in two: the upper pectoral and the lower pectoral muscles.

However, most of the chest exercises will require the input of other muscles groups, namely: muscles located in your shoulders (deltoids), triceps and back (lats).

Motions Used by Chest Exercises

Tips for Chest Exercises

Chest exercises mainly use the pushing motion, that is your hands and arms pushing up, forward, or down on something.

This pushing motion is used quite frequently in your daily actives and is very frequently used in sports such as football, hockey, basketball or rugby.

Importance of Using Chest Exercises

Tips for Chest Exercises

Integrating chest exercises into your workout regiment is important for several reasons.

But mainly because your chest forms one of the largest and most oftentimes used muscle group in your body.

You wouldn't want to develop your back, shoulder and arm muscles without synchronizing their growth with your chest by using chest exercises.

Equipment Required for Chest Exercises

Tips for Chest Exercises

Chest exercises require little in terms of equipment required.

In fact, several chest exercises can be performed without the use of any fitness equipment at all, such as the push-up.

In most cases, you'll be able to perform lots of chest exercises using only a workout bench, a pair of dumbbells or a barbell with a bench with barbell support.